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welcome to


thanks. what the f%*# is primordium?

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Primordium is an on-chain for-profit business DAO.

It is a proof-of-concept.

It is a self-funded and decentralized community working towards a shared business goal.

sounds great and all, but how does a "business DAO" actually work?

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Well, first the DAO will open sales for membership tokens. Anyone can buy membership tokens while supplies last. 100% of the token sales go straight to the DAO's treasury. Once the DAO is live, any actions the DAO takes will go through an on-chain proposal process where members must vote to a majority consensus to execute the actions.

Basically, anyone who joins will collectively decide the business direction and operations for Primordium. This means all members will have full control of the DAO treasury, as well as control over all business capabilities including:

  • Profit distributions
  • Revenue share agreements
  • Opening DAO equity for additional funding

This whitepaper explains the process in full detail.

hmm... interesting... so what's the catch?

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BCJ Development (BCJ), the creators of Primordium, will have zero membership tokens or voting rights. The only way for anyone to get membership tokens is to buy them. Everyone has the same equal opportunity for entry.

That's it. No catch. Full transparency.

alright, i can dig it. so what's the plan?

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BCJ’s vision: make business DAOs transparent and accessible to everyone.

The first business goal will be to build the Primordium Network: a no-code web platform where anyone can create or join business DAO's of their own. The platform will be the first main revenue stream for Primordium.

how will the DAO go about building the primordium network?!?

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Glad you asked. BCJ has outlined a proposed business plan to build version 1 of this community platform. If approved by PrimordiumDAO's vote, BCJ will be working as a contractor to facilitate this goal.

BCJ will have no ownership or powers over Primordium of any kind. Primordium will be its own independent, autonomous, and decentralized business, run entirely by the on-chain efforts of its members. PrimordiumDAO will be the sole owner of the Primordium Network, and BCJ will execute contract services in a business-to-business relationship with Primordium.

But ultimately, this is BCJ's vision. PrimordiumDAO members will have full freedom to decide their own future.

wait, you're telling me it's actually decentralized? no one is airdropping themselves any tokens or controlling the DAO on the sly with a multisig??

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That’s right. Primordium is fully decentralized. No airdrops, no multisigs. Every single action Primordium takes must be voted on by its members. And on top of that, any member can withdraw their membership at any time, walking away with their proportional share of the treasury.

Decentralized autonomy. Individual freedom. Radical transparency.

sounds so unbelievably bad@$$ my brain might explode! how do i get involved?

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Support the Cause:

Support Primordium's open-source development by purchasing an original Primordium NFT on OpenSea.

Donate to bcjdevelopment.eth.